All Real Estate listings in MLS automatically get their Matterport 3D Scan published to our Matterport partners, logo and logo.

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Matterport Real Estate Bundle includes:
  • — Interactive 3D Virtual Tour
  • — Property Photos taken with a NIKON DSLR and a Matterport Pro 2 Camera
  • — Dollhouse View
  • — Floor Plan View
  • — Interactive 3D Virtual Tour for MLS
  • — On-demand Measurements
  • — Highlight Reel
  • — Custom Labeling
  • — Exterior 360 Shots
Matterport Real Estate Bundle:
< 1,000 sq. ft: $150
1,001—2,000 sq. ft: $250
2,001—2,500 sq. ft: $300
2,501—3,000 sq. ft: $350
3,001—4,000 sq. ft: $400
4,001-5,000 sq. ft: $450
5,001-6,000 sq. ft: $550

Anything larger, contact Nicole for a custom quote at or call or text (626)422-1964. Voicemails are welcome.

Real Estate Photos Alone:

Starting at $125

Exterior and Interior Video and 10 High Definition Exterior Drone Photos:

(Shot with a drone and Matterport Pro 2 Camera) $550


10 High Definition Exterior Aerial Drone Photos and Exterior Drone Video:


Assisted Living Facility Website Bundle

From Nicole's 3D Virtual Tours and Assisted Living Boost!

One of the best ways to show prospective new residents why your RCFE is the best choice for them and get them to call for an in-person tour is to show off your facility to them with a beautiful, customized 3D virtual tour and an inexpensive custom website managed by Assisted Living Boost!.

When you buy one of Nicole's custom 3D Virtual Tours at the special offer price of $300, you can have it added to to your RCFE website powered by Assisted Living Boost! for only $5 per month. Additional terms and conditions apply.*

Commercial Matterport Bundle:

A set of Commercial 3D Assets for import into third party programs. This Matterport Bundle contains color point cloud (.xyz), reflected ceiling plan image (.jpg and .pdf), high resolution floor plan image (jpg and .pdf), and OBJ file of the 3D mesh (.obj). This Matterport bundle is for architects and engineers for as built designs and construction professionals for documentation and turnover packages. 3D date is accurate to within 1% of reality. Point cloud and OBJ scale: 1 unit = 1 meter. Ceiling plan and floor plan images contain a scale legend. $100 (Can be added on to Matterport Real Estate Bundle, only.)

Vacation Rental Bundle:

Get a 360 tour (similar to the interactive 3D Virtual Tour, but compatible with Vrbo and HomeAway) placed on your listing on Vrbo and/or HomeAway.

Both Vrbo and HomeAway:  $75
One or the other: $50
(Can be added on to Matterport Real Estate Bundle, only)
Floor Plan:

Not Available for listings over 40,000 square feet. $100 (Can be added on to Matterport Real Estate Bundle, only.)

Google Street View for Businesses:

Add your business’s 3D Virtual Tour to Google Street View. Must give Google login to Matterport Service Partner to complete this service. $50 (Can be added on to Matterport Real Estate Bundle, only.)

Property Website:

A webpage promoting your property and featuring your 3D Virtual Tour. $125


  • — 10 Photos
  • — 1 Matterport embedded
  • — Drone Video (if ordered)
  • — 200 word description of property

(Cost of domain name not included. $10 extra per 4 photos after 10)

Expedited Delivery:

Get your purchases next day. Normal delivery is within 3 days. $25 (Can be added on to Matterport Real Estate Bundle or photos alone.)

Travel Fee:

Anywhere further than 30 miles from 91741. (Further than 50 miles requires a custom quote.) $50 (Can be added on to Matterport Real Estate Bundle or photos alone.)



Independent Contractor Services!
Busy Realtor?

But don't want to hire an hourly unlicensed assistant?

Look No Further!

Hire me, a California licensed Realtor to show your houses to clients when you can't make it and host your open houses!

Nicole's 3D Virtual Tours!

Is all about promoting you as a Realtor and your listings! I follow suit as I did at Redfin and REX as an Associate Agent. That means NO stealing clients or promoting myself as a Realtor, and NO commission.

  • Home Showing ($75)

    I go open the door for and show the house to a client of yours along with notes including:

    • Details on Interested Parties
    • Likes
    • Dislikes
  • Open House ($200)

    I host a 3 hour Open House for you including:

    • Putting out 6 signs along with photo proof
    • Sign-in sheet
    • Details on Interested Parties
    • Likes and dislikes

60$ for standing in on a Home Inspection or Termite Inspection ect.

3D Virtual Tours are hosted by Nicole's 3D Virtual Tours for six months for free.  After six months, if you'd like your space to stay active, it's half of the service fee of your product.  If not specified, spaces will be deleted after six months.

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